Why is it that whenever there is a performance issue at work, the solution is to provide SKILL training?

There seems to be an underlying assumption that if workers are properly skilled, that they will do a good job. Simple observation tells us otherwise. We see laziness all around us.

We need to determine if a performance problem has to do with the WILL or SKILL of the employee.  Just this morning I was in a production meeting with a client when a manager suggested we send an employee for SKILL training for the 3rd time.  After some discussion, the group determined that the employee is both competent and lazy.

There are simple ways to work on WILL. Heck, the video game developers have figured it out. Look at all the WILL they instill in their players. Just the other day, my son was complaining that a recent video game he was playing lasted only 100 hours!

Google, Facebook and Instagram all employ behavioural scientists to make their applications more addictive.

Organizations can improve the WILL of their frontline workforce by employing a few of the tools that the tech industry is using. Imagine a workplace where your frontline staff is actively seeking to WIN every day and to solve systemic problems.

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