Will versus Skill

//Will versus Skill

Will versus Skill

Why is it that whenever we have a performance issue at work, the solution seems to be to provide SKILL training. 

There seems to be an underlying assumption that if workers are properly skilled, that they will do a good job. Yet, simple observation tells us otherwise. We see laziness everywhere around us.

Do we need to ask the question of whether the aforementioned performance problem might have to do with the WILL of the person to perform and not the SKILL.

There are simple way to work on WILL. Heck, the video game developers have figured it out. Look at all the WILL they instill in their players.

Just the other day, my son was complaining that a recent video game that was released only lasted about 30 hours!

We can work on WILL issues, and we CAN do it in our workplace. (Without turning the workplace into a video game.)

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